I am an expert scientist in the areas of quantum computing, machine learning, theoretical quantum physics, and drug design; passionate about making a real-world impact with my technical expertise and experience in research, education, and startups.

My main research interests are:

  • Quantum computing and algorithms
  • Quantum machine learning
  • Pulse-level quantum control
  • Open quantum systems
  • Non-equilibrium quantum dynamics

Latest news

[June 2024] We will be organizing a workshop on Quantum Algorithms for Bio and Life Sciences at the 2024 IEEE Quantum Week in Montreal.

[May 2024] We have published a manuscript on mRNA secondary structure prediction using utility-scale quantum computers.

[September 2023] I joined Moderna as an Associate Scientific Director, Quantum Algorithms and Applications.

[July 2023] Our manuscript Quantum Computing for Finance has been published in Nature Reviews Physics.

[June 2023] Our manuscript Similarity-Based Parameter Transferability in the Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm has been accepted in Frontiers in Quantum Science and Technology, section Quantum Information Theory.

[March 2023] Our manuscript Towards a Scalable Discrete Quantum Generative Adversarial Neural Network has been published in Quantum Science and Technology.